5 Tips on: ROBLOXian Easter Eggs

March 23, 2008 at 4:57 pm | Posted in Tips, Tricks and Help | Leave a comment

Yes, the eggs are spreading. It’s became chaos with the Bombastic Egg, Easy with the Bordom Egg, and intelligent with the Chess Egg. I’m gonna show you 5 good tips  so you can get all 11 eggs.

Tip 1:

If there is a Super Jump, Jetpack, whatever tool that can make you fly, use it! This is very useful if like for example the Bombastic Egg is floating above the hole.


Tip 2:

If you have no eggs in your pockets, then you should go to the places like kman786’s Egg Catcher. You will find instruction buttons on how to get each egg, you have less trouble getting the eggs, because it’s a plain surface.

Tip 3:

Stay away from the wanwood egg before it goes to ROBLOXian size. Every time it shrinks, it puts out an explosion, that can blast your head and torso out of the zone.

 Tip 4:

 Getting the Sharing Egg could be annoying. Once it’s the color of the Catalog image, pick it up. DO NOT TOUCH IT IF IT’S BLACK OR GREY!

Tip 5:


Go to the servers where you can meet an Admin/Moderator with the bunny ears of caprice. Some eggs only appear with that hat in the area, like the Cracked egg of pwnage, where you have to blox the Admin/Mod.

Happy Egg hunting!


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