The Mystery of the Cake Hat

February 5, 2008 at 1:39 pm | Posted in Mysterys | Leave a comment

So, you all remember that Cake hat, right? It’s a cake hat, that could probably be for your birthday. But no. It’s more complicated then you think. This is the first Roblox Mystery of ROBLOX Direct. In order to understand, I will list the events of the mystery. if you do everything, you may get the hat! =D (Don’t forget that clockwork made the hat itself).

[31/01/08] The cake hat came to the ROBLOX Catalog, with the mysterious description: “The cake is a lie”. This has a little reference to the game “Portal”.

[01/02/08] The cake got updated. I have no idea why, nothing changed. ROBLOX Published the shirt “The cake is a lie”. The text “The cake is a lie” was repeated like if it was spam. Some users discovered a hidden phrase in that “sorta Spam like” description: “The bot is a lie.” A bot is hidding in ROBLOX… who is it?

[03/02/08] The cake shirt was not on sale anymore. (I have it). This meant this was a mystery in the cake.

[04/02/08] The user ELIZA posted a post in the General Forums, saying that she is a “Computer build to chat with humans”. Now what do we know… a BOT!!! Let’s check the profile. The description says: Operated by Telamon. Send her a PM. (Say like a math operation, for example). You will get an automatic reply. Things like: Hi! Are you a boy or a girl? or: Okay, Whatever. Depending on what you say, the answer will be COMPLETLY out of the subject.

[06/02/08] After all the research, the cake hat became for sale… (Along with the Chef Hat). It’s currently on sale for 25 Robux….. Only peoples with Robux can buy this, I got mine! =P

[07/02/08] …but gets off sale. After reading the “Very Useful” ROBLOX Forums, I discover that the hat was made for Telamon’s birthday! Happy birthday, Telamon! And so ends the mystery of the cake hat… but don’t worry if you didn’t get the cake hat! Telamon posted on the same topic: “We may put it on sale again”.

(>’.’)> —Sonic Boy— <(‘.'<)


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