New Roblox Hats Alert!

January 29, 2008 at 3:13 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

Today, a huge amount of Robloxian hats have arrived into the Roblox Catalog! We found lots of hats, so here they are:

-Robux Hat
This hat must be for ROBUX. Will it be like the “1 ROBUK SHIRT”???

Possibly the prize for Builderman’s Place Design Contest, this bandana looks cool on Robloxian heads. Currently sold for 600Tix.

Not another TEAPAWT! Anyway, it’s not pink. Not on sale yet.

-Kitty Ears
Reminds you of thoses anime cats, this hat could be another Girl hat. Not on sale yet.

-Valkyrie Helm
Probably the winner’s hat of Builderman’s Place Idea Contest, and also the current hat that clockwork is wearing, it looks AWESOME! If you’re gonna lose and want this, be prepared to pay BIG money………………………. 30,000 Tix!  —Interesting Fact— Before, the catalog image was smaller, and the hat was hiding your eyes.

-Bucket Hat
Bucket? Nope. Will it have the price of 7,331 Tix?

Seams like an spelling mistake… You’re dream of being an alien is realized!!! Not on sale for the moment…

-Chef Hat
Sirloin’s Cooking Shirt is gonna go great with this new hat! Not on sale for the moment…

Well, it’s a big new hat update, so just wait till the items go on sale. I just want the Valkyrie Helm! >=D
(>’.’)> —Sonic Boy— <(‘.'<)


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