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January 19, 2008 at 6:09 pm | Posted in Roblox Direct News | 1 Comment
Welcome to Roblox Direct!! This is your Roblox Nexs directly from your reporter, SonicBoy! Currently, the blog is new. This blog only concerns a game called ROBLOX.
Pirate Ship Model above water.
Basically, ROBLOX is a free game for kids (also adults), where you build places, make new friends, blox peoples, etc… ( ROBLOX Official Website ) The ROBLOX admins are doing very hard work, since it’s in Alpha Devellopement. By the way, the admins have made a Blog to give you all the official news. Check it out here.
Now, this is an fan-Made blog. I am NOT a Roblox Admin, or a moderator. I am a simple user. I play ROBLOX alot, because to me it’s one of the best FREE ONLINE PC Game. And it’s only in alpha, so it’s gonna be a HIT when it’s in Beta.
Roblox Direct will provide you with:
– Interviews from Robloxians.
– Solving mysterys on Roblox.
– Do place reviews.
– Tell you about all the latests ROBLOX Contests.
– Tell you all the Roblox news.
Hope you enjoy this new Blog.
(>’.’)>—Sonic Boy —<(‘.'<)

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  1. Good blawg.

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